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FileSystem classes


FileSystem is an abstract file system API, LocalFileSystem is an implementation accessing files on the local machine. SubTreeFileSystem is an implementation that delegates to another implementation after prepending a fixed base path


LocalFileSystem$create() returns the object and takes no arguments.

SubTreeFileSystem$create() takes the following arguments:

S3FileSystem$create() optionally takes arguments:

GcsFileSystem$create() optionally takes arguments:


Active bindings


On S3FileSystem, ⁠$CreateDir()⁠ on a top-level directory creates a new bucket. When S3FileSystem creates new buckets (assuming allow_bucket_creation is TRUE), it does not pass any non-default settings. In AWS S3, the bucket and all objects will be not publicly visible, and will have no bucket policies and no resource tags. To have more control over how buckets are created, use a different API to create them.

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