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File reader options


CsvReadOptions, CsvParseOptions, CsvConvertOptions, JsonReadOptions, JsonParseOptions, and TimestampParser are containers for various file reading options. See their usage in read_csv_arrow() and read_json_arrow(), respectively.


The CsvReadOptions$create() and JsonReadOptions$create() factory methods take the following arguments:

CsvReadOptions$create() further accepts these additional arguments:

CsvParseOptions$create() takes the following arguments:

JsonParseOptions$create() accepts only the newlines_in_values argument.

CsvConvertOptions$create() takes the following arguments:

TimestampParser$create() takes an optional format string argument. See strptime() for example syntax. The default is to use an ISO-8601 format parser.

The CsvWriteOptions$create() factory method takes the following arguments:

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