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Implements the Exploratory Graph Analysis (EGA; Golino & Epskamp, 2017; Golino, Shi et al., 2020) framework for dimensionality and psychometric assessment. EGA is part of a new area called network psychometrics that uses undirected network models for the assessment of psychometric properties. EGA estimates the number of dimensions (or factors) using graphical lasso EBICglasso or Triangulated Maximally Filtered Graph (TMFG) and a weighted network community detection algorithm (Christensen, Garrido, Golino, under review A). A bootstrap method for verifying the stability of the dimensions and items in those dimensions is available (bootEGA; Christensen & Golino, 2021a). The fit of the structure suggested by EGA can be verified using Entropy Fit Indices (entropyFit, tefi; Golino, Moulder et al., 2020). A novel approach called Unique Variable Analysis (UVA) can be used to identify and reduce redundant variables in multivariate data (Christensen, Garrido, & Golino, under review B). Network loadings (net.loads), which are roughly equivalent to factor loadings when the data generating model is a factor model, are available (Christensen & Golino, 2021b, 2021c). Network scores (net.scores) can also be computed using the network loadings. Finally, dynamic EGA (dynEGA) will estimate dimensions from time series data for individual, group, and sample levels (Golino, Christensen et al., 2021).


Hudson Golino <> and Alexander P. Christensen <>


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# Related functions: EGA

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# Related functions: UVA

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# Related functions: bootEGA, dimensionStability, # and itemStability

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# Related functions: LCT

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# Related functions: LCT and net.loads

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# Related functions: bootEGA, dimensionStability, # EGA, itemStability, and UVA

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# Related functions: dynEGA and simDFM

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# Related functions: EGA

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# Related functions: EGA

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# Related functions: entropyFit, tefi, and vn.entropy

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# Related functions: EGA

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# Related functions: and tefi

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# Related functions: and tefi

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