sch_topoi_la {criticalpath}R Documentation

LA Length of Arcs Topological Indicator


Measures the presence of long arcs based on the difference between the progressive level of the end activity and the start node of each relation. If LA is approximately equal zero, the progressive level between activities is as far as possible. Otherwise, if LA is equal one, the relation distance are one.





A schedule object.


A number between 0 and 1, inclusive.

See Also

sch_topoi_sp(), sch_add_relations(), sch_topoi_ad(), sch_relations(), sch_xy_gantt_matrix(), sch_activities(), sch_topoi_tf(), sch_add_activities().


sch <- sch_new() %>%
  sch_title("Fictitious Project Example") %>%
  sch_reference("VANHOUCKE, Mario. Measuring time:
  improving project performance using earned value management.
  Gent: Springer, 2009, p. 18") %>%
  sch_add_activity(  1L, "a1" , 0L, 2L,3L,4L) %>%
  sch_add_activity(  2L, "a2" , 4L, 5L) %>%
  sch_add_activity(  3L, "a3" , 9L, 10L) %>%
  sch_add_activity(  4L, "a4" , 1L, 6L) %>%
  sch_add_activity(  5L, "a5" , 4L, 9L) %>%
  sch_add_activity(  6L, "a6" , 5L, 7L) %>%
  sch_add_activity(  7L, "a7" , 1L, 8L,11L) %>%
  sch_add_activity(  8L, "a8" , 7L, 12L) %>%
  sch_add_activity(  9L, "a9" , 8L, 12L) %>%
  sch_add_activity( 10L, "a10", 3L, 12L) %>%
  sch_add_activity( 11L, "a11", 3L, 12L) %>%
  sch_add_activity( 12L, "a12", 0L) %>%
sch_topoi_la(sch) # 0.07692308

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