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Validate Schedule


Validate your schedule in terms of structure: cannot have duplicated activity id, all 'from' and 'to' relation id must exist in activities tibble and cannot have duplicated relation. This function is called by sch_plan(plan). If there is an error, the schedule cannot be calculated.





A schedule object.


There are two forms to use this function:

In both way, the calculation schedule is stopped, because there is some error. To see the errors, you call the sch_plan(plan) function to find how to correct the errors.

The result of sch_plan(plan) is a lista with a lot of information about the error. The structure is:

Attention: You must identify and correct all errors before call sch_plan(plan)!


A list object with a description of all error.

See Also

sch_add_relation(), sch_relations(), sch_add_relations(), sch_add_activities(), sch_add_activity(), sch_activities(), sch_plan().

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