lum_local_match {autoharp}R Documentation

Match Filenames from LumiNUS.


A utility function for resolving duplicate filenames on LumiNUS. (Only useful for NUS instructors!)


lum_local_match(audit_file_path, local_files_dir, skip_name)



The audit file downloaded from LumiNUS. This must be an Excel file. It comes from the "Download Activity" button for the corresponding folder. It should contain columns such as "Action Time", "Action", etc. In the folder settings, students should be identified by their NAME.


The directory containing the files downloaded from LumiNUS. It is usually downloaded as a zip-file and then extracted.


The username to skip. Usually this is the instructor's name. This must be present.


Here is how LumiNUS works to resolve duplicate filenames: It will append the students' filenames to the end of the file (in parenthesis), but it will only use the first 15 characters of the students' name. In LumiNUS, filenames are not case-sensitive - test.Rmd and test.rmd are considered duplicate filenames.

Here is how the function works: From the audit trail, it retrieves the name of the most recent upload for each student. After converting these to lowercase, duplicate file names have their student names appended. These new names are matched to the filenames that were downloaded.

Remember to clean up the filenames after this, because knitr does not like parentheses in file names!


It returns a tibble, containing the remote and local filenames, matched to the userid of students. The columns in this tibble are

  1. mod_time: file modification time, from the downloaded file.

  2. luminus_time: time that the file was uploaded to LumiNUS; retrieved from audit trail.

  3. local_fname: The downloaded local file name.

  4. luminus_fname: The filename that we see on LumiNUS.

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