is_cyclic_r {autoharp}R Documentation

Checks if a graph contains any cycles.


A tree is a graph that is connected but does not have any cycles. This function checks if a provided adjacency matrix contains cycles.


is_cyclic_r(adj_mat, node_v, parent_node = -1, visited_env)



A symmetric matrix of 1's and 0's, with 1 in entry (i,j) representing an edge between the two vertices.


The node to begin searching for cycles from. An integer.


The parent node of node_v. Also an integer. Use -1 if you are starting from node 1. This is in fact the default.


An environment containing a logical vector indicating which nodes have already been visited. The vector has to be named "visited". See the details.

The function works by traversing all the nodes, in a BFS order. If it finds a node has a parent that has already been visited, it concludes that there is a cycle.

The function is recursive, and has to update the vector of visisted nodes within each call. Hence the visited vector is stored in an environment that is passed along. It will return an error if no such environment is provided. It is a very specific input that the function requires, and this is another reason that this function is not exported.

This function is used within the validity checks for the S4 class. It is not exported for the user.


A logical value indicating if the graph contains cycles.

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