is_connected {autoharp}R Documentation

Checks if a graph is connected.


A tree is a graph that is connected but does not have any cycles. This function checks if a provided adjacency list is connected.


is_connected(adj_list, root = 1)



The adjacency list of the tree.


The root node to start checking from. This defaults to the first node in the adjacency list.


This function is used as one of the validity checks within the definition of the TreeHarp class. It is a low-level function, not really meant for the general user of the package. Hence it is not exported.

The nodes are traversed in a BFS order. The function could actually be combined with is_cyclic_r, but it is kept separate for modularity reasons.

An alternative was to convert the list to an adjacency matrix and check for a row and column of zeros.


The function returns a TRUE if the graph is connected and FALSE otherwise.

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