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Generate a html of thumbnails


Generate a html of thumbnails


generate_thumbnails(out_dir, html_fname, html_title, anonymise = FALSE)



The directory in which student html files and the figures are kept.


The name of the master html file which will contain all thumbnails. This file will be created in out_dir.


The title tag of the master html page. This will be displayed on top of the output html page.


If TRUE, the original filenames will be replaced with inocuous numbers. If FALSE, the original filenames will be retained.


After running render_one on a set of R/Rmd files in a directory, this function helps to consolidate them for review.

The output folder contains all the generated html files, images and a log file. This function will extract the images from each html file and display them as thumbnails on a new html page, with links to all individual files.


The function returns nothing, but it should create a html page of thumbnails of all the images that students plotted, along with links to their individual pages.

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