rmd_to_forestharp {autoharp}R Documentation

Convert to TreeHarp objects


Reads in an Rmd file or an R script and converts it to a list of TreeHarp objects.


rmd_to_forestharp(fname, line_nums = FALSE)



The filename that is to be read in.


A logical value, indicating if the line numbers of expressions should be returned along with the expressions. By default, this value is FALSE.


The TreeHarp constructor is wrapped in a tryCatch loop, so that it does not fail if an expression could not be converted to a TreeHarp object.

The object returned is not a specially defined class. It is either a list of length 2, or a list of TreeHarp objects. This output is meant to be used with fapply.

If the input file is an Rmd file (checked with extract_chunks), then the chunks are extracted and converted to TreeHarp objects. If the input file is not an Rmd, it is assumed to be an R script. This script is then supplied to parse. In either case, a parsing error here could cause the function to fail.

Line numbers are extracted using get_source_expressions from the lintr package.


A list of TreeHarp objects, or a list with 2 components containing the TreeHarp objects and a vector of line numbers.

See Also

fapply, extract_chunks, extract_chunks, get_source_expressions

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