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Berry's functions


Collection of functions, mainly connected with graphics and hydrology.
- zoom in X11 graphics
- plot rainfall-runoff data and optimize parameters for the unit hydrograph in the linear storage cascade
- write text to plots on top of colored fields in label size (halo-effect)
- draw scatterplots colored by 3rd dimension (as in image, which only deals with grids)
- draw histograms horizontally
- advancedly label date axes and logarithmic axes
- fit multiple functions (power, reciprocal, exponential, logarithmic, polynomial, rational) by regression
- convert lists to data.frames
- and more...


dataDWD and readDWD have moved to the package rdwd:

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At some places you'll find ## not run in the examples. These code blocks were excluded from checking while building, mainly because they are interactive and need mouseclicks, or because they open another device/file. Normally, you should be able to run them in an interactive session. If you do find non-executable code, please tell me!
Feel free to suggest packages in which these functions would fit well.
I strongly depend on - and therefore welcome - any feedback!


Berry Boessenkool,, 2011-2017


# see   vignette("berryFunctions")

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