count_matches {CTNote}R Documentation

Count Periods of Substance Use / Abstinence


Given a use pattern string, count the number of times that pattern contains a certain substance use indicator


  start = 1,
  end = -1,
  mixed_results_are = NULL,
  mixed_weight = 0.5,
  proportion = FALSE



A character string showing the daily, by visit, or weekly substance use pattern for a single subject


A single character value of the use indicator of interest; e.g. "+" is use positive or "-" is use negative.


These two arguments give the integer range wherein to look for the use sub-pattern of interest. Usually, start should be the week of randomization. Defaults to 1.


The end of the detection range. This is often the end of followup (denoted by -1, the default value, which represents the last item in the string), or this could be a set number of weeks or visits, such as 12 weeks or 48 visits.


A single character value indicating a partial use week; e.g. "*" means that the subject had at least one positive and at least one negative test of the substance(s) of interest for that week. Defaults to NULL.


A fraction showing the proportional use value for a mixed result week. For example, some studies state that a positive UDS counts as three days of use (3/7), while other studies regard a positive UDS as five days of use (5/7). This value should be substance-specific, but we default to 0.5.


Should this function return the count or proportion of matching use periods? Defaults to FALSE, signifying that the count of matches will be returned. Note that if the remaining string (after trimming to the values of start and end) has length 0, then this function will return 0 rather than NaN (0/0). When interpreting this value, 0 represents that the subject had no use periods matching the chosen outcome.


At current, we allow for many symbols in the use pattern "word", such as "_" for missing by study design, "o" missing for protocol non-compliance (the most common form of missing), "+" for positive, "-" for negative, and "*" for mixed positive and negative results (this usually comes up when the visit represents multiple days and there are both positive and negative results in those days; for example, a subject is tested weekly; they provided a positive test on Tuesday but came back to provide a negative test the following day).


A single integer (real) value measuring the count (proportion) of the use periods for which the subject had the substance use value of interest


  # This pattern represents 26 weeks of treatment UDS
  pattern_char <- "++++*o-------+--+-o-o-o+o+"
  # Replace any missing UDS ("o") with positive
  cleanPattern_char <- recode_missing_visits(pattern_char)
  # Example: find the proportion of the subject's negative use weeks after
  #   randomization but before the end of a 12-week observation
  #   period
    match_is = "-",
    end = 12,
    mixed_results_are = "*",
    mixed_weight = 0.5,
    proportion = TRUE
  # Example: find the number of times the subject used non-study opioids
  #   after being clean at least one week
    match_is = "-+"

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