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Detect a Consecutive Sub-Pattern


Given a use pattern string, detect if that pattern contains a consecutive sub-pattern of interest


detect_subpattern(use_pattern, subpattern, start = 1, end = -1)



A character string showing the daily, by visit, or weekly substance use pattern for a single subject


A character string containing the sub-pattern of interest. For example, if study dropout is seven consecutive missing UDS, then the sub-pattern would be "ooooooo".


These two arguments give the integer range wherein to look for the use sub-pattern of interest. Usually, start should be the week of randomization. Defaults to 1.


The end of the detection range. This is often the end of followup (denoted by -1, the default value, which represents the last item in the string), or this could be a set number of weeks or visits, such as 12 weeks or 48 visits.


This function can be used to detect consecutive periods of drug abstinence, drug use, or study non-compliance (as measured by failure to supply urine). For example, to detect if the subject had three consecutive use weeks, the sub-pattern would be set to "+++".

At current, we allow for many symbols in the use pattern "word", such as "_" for missing by study design, "o" missing for protocol non-compliance (the most common form of missing), "+" for positive, "-" for negative, and "*" for mixed positive and negative results (this usually comes up when the visit represents multiple days and there are both positive and negative results in those days; for example, a subject is tested weekly; they provided a positive test on Tuesday but came back to provide a negative test the following day).


A single logical value indicating if the use subpattern is present in the overall use pattern string


  # This pattern represents 26 weeks of treatment UDS
  pattern_char <- "+++++o-------+--+-o-o-o+o+"
  # Replace any missing UDS ("o") with positive
  cleanPattern_char <- recode_missing_visits(pattern_char)
  # Example: detect if the subject was able to stay clean for at least 4
  #   weeks after randomization but before the end of a 12-week observation
  #   period
    subpattern = "----",
    end = 12
  # Example: detect if the subject was abstinent during the last 3 weeks
    subpattern = "---",
    start = -3, 
    end = -1

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