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View a Pattern through a Study Design "Lattice"


Given a use pattern string and the pattern of study visits, view only the use pattern string components which are congruent with the study design


  visit_is = "o",
  no_visit_is = "_"



A character string showing the daily, by visit, or weekly substance use pattern for a single subject


A character string containing the study design for subject visits. For example, a study design with required visits on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday would have the lattice pattern "o_o_o__", where "o" represents a day wherein the subject should visit the clinic (per study protocol) and "_" represents the other non-visit days. These symbols are set by visit_is and no_visit_is, respectively.


Symbol indicating that the subject should appear in the clinic for that time period, as dictated by the study protocol. Defaults to "o" (because the outcome of the UDS will be unknown before the study has been designed).


Symbol indicating that the subject is not required to appear in the clinic for that time period, as dictated by the study protocol. Defaults to "_".


This function was designed to handle outcomes where the clinical trial protocol has staggered or non-sequential visits. For example, if we observed the pattern "-ooo", in most cases we would interpret this to mean that the subject was present in the clinic for the first visit, but missed the next three visits. Some trial outcomes would then count the three missing visits as all positive or as a relapse. However, this use pattern could have been observed late during subject follow-up, during which time the protocol could be that the subject was only required to visit the clinic monthly (so long as the supplied UDS was negative).

Many lattice patterns can be easily constructed by using the function collapse_lattice. For example, to repeat the "Monday-Wednesday-Friday" visit pattern noted above 4 times, you can use collapse_lattice("o_o_o__", 4) to create a vector of weekly visit patterns, then collapse (concatenate) them all together. More complex visit patterns can be constructed in a similar manner: first create a vector of simple repeating visit patterns, then collapse them all together, setting the number of repeats with the times argument.

At current, this package allows for many symbols in the use pattern "word", such as "_" for missing by study design, "o" missing for protocol non-compliance (the most common form of missing), "+" for positive, "-" for negative, and "*" for mixed positive and negative results (this usually comes up when the visit represents multiple days and there are both positive and negative results in those days; for example, a subject is tested weekly; they provided a positive test on Tuesday but came back to provide a negative test the following day).


A variant of use_pattern, but with all non-protocol visits set to "_". In most cases, this use pattern vector would be then passed to impute_missing_visits so that the "_" visits could be replaced with the last observed UDS. See the Examples below.


  # This pattern represents 26 weeks of treatment UDS
  pattern_char  <- "+++++o-------+--+-o-o-o+o+"
  pattern2_char <- recode_missing_visits(pattern_char)
  # Example 1: a 16 week observation period with visits every 4 weeks
  lattice1_char <- "___o___o___o___o"
  useLattice1_char <- view_by_lattice(
    use_pattern = pattern2_char,
    lattice_pattern = lattice1_char
  impute_missing_visits(useLattice1_char, method = "locf", missing_is = "_")
  # Example 2: 24 week observation period with weekly visits for the first
  #   12 weeks, then monthly visits (during the second week) thereafter
  lattice2_char <- "oooooooooooo_o___o___o__"
  useLattice2_char <- view_by_lattice(
    use_pattern = pattern2_char,
    lattice_pattern = lattice2_char
  impute_missing_visits(useLattice2_char, method = "locf", missing_is = "_")

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