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Combine Multiple Simple Study Design "Lattices"


Given a vector of simple study visits patterns, combine them into a more complex study visit lattice


collapse_lattice(lattice_patterns, times)



A character vector of simple study design lattices


An integer vector indicating the number of times to repeat each simple lattice. The length of the times argument should match the length of the lattice_patterns argument.


This function was designed to handle outcomes where the clinical trial protocol has staggered or non-sequential visits. For example, if we observed the pattern "-ooo", in most cases we would interpret this to mean that the subject was present in the clinic for the first visit, but missed the next three visits. Some trial outcomes would then count the three missing visits as all positive or as a relapse. However, this use pattern could have been observed late during subject follow-up, during which time the protocol could be that the subject was only required to visit the clinic monthly (so long as the supplied UDS was negative).

This function is basically a wrapper around the paste0 function with collapse = "". We added support to repeat subpatterns.


The combined lattice pattern, built up from combinations of the smaller lattices.


  # Example 1: a 16 week observation period with visits every 4 weeks:
  # "___o___o___o___o"
    lattice_patterns = "___o",
    times = 4
  # Example 2: 24 week observation period with weekly visits for the first
  #   12 weeks, then monthly visits (during the second week) thereafter:
  # "oooooooooooo_o___o___o__"
    lattice_patterns = c("o", "_o__"),
    times = c(12, 3)
  # Example 3: 6 week observation period with clinic visits on set days,
  #   M-W-F for the first 3 weeks, then Monday only for the next 3 weeks:
  # "o_o_o__o_o_o__o_o_o__o______o______o______"
    lattice_patterns = c("o_o_o__", "o______"),
    times = c(3, 3)

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