getFilingInfo {edgar}R Documentation

Retrieves filing information of a firm


getFilingInfo retrieves filing information of a firm based on its name or cik.


getFilingInfo(firm.identifier, filing.year, quarter, form.type, useragent)



CIK of a firm in integer format or full/partial name of a firm in character format. Suppress leading zeroes from CIKs.


vector of integer containing filing years.


vector of one digit integer quarter number. By default, it is considered as all the quarters, quarter =c(1, 2, 3, 4).


vector of form types in character format. By default, it is kept as all the available form types.


Should be in the form of "Your Name"


getFilingInfo function takes firm identifier (name or cik), filing year(s), quarter(s), and form type as input parameters from a user and provides filing information for the firm. The function automatically downloads master index for the input year(s) and the quarter(s) using getMasterIndex function if it is not already been downloaded in the current working directory. By default, information of all the form types filed in all the quarters of the input year by the firm will be provided by this function. According to SEC EDGAR's guidelines a user also needs to declare user agent.


Function returns dataframe with filing information.


## Not run: 

info <- getFilingInfo('United Technologies', c(2005, 2006), 
                       quarter = c(1,2), form.type = c('8-K','10-K'), useragent) 
## Returns filing information on '8-K' and '10-K' filed by the firm 
in quarter 1 and 2 of year 2005 and 2006.

info <- getFilingInfo(1067701, 2006, useragent) 
## Returns all the filings information filed by the firm in all 
the quarters of year 2006.

## End(Not run)

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