getFilingHeader {edgar}R Documentation

Scrape EDGAR filing header information


getFilingHeader Extract EDGAR filing header information


getFilingHeader(, form.type, filing.year, useragent)


vector of CIK(s) in integer format. Suppress leading zeroes from CIKs. = 'ALL' conisders all the CIKs.


character vector containing form type to be downloaded. form.type = 'ALL' if need to download all forms.


vector of four digit numeric year


Should be in the form of "Your Name"


getFilingHeader function takes CIK(s), form type(s), and year(s) as input parameters. The function first imports available downloaded filings in local woking directory 'Edgar filings_full text' created by getFilings function; otherwise, it automatically downloads the filings which are not already been downloaded. It then parses all the important header information from filings. The function returns a dataframe with filing and header information. According to SEC EDGAR's guidelines a user also needs to declare user agent.


Function returns dataframe containing CIK number, company name, date of filing, accession number, confirmed period of report, fiscal year end, Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code, Internal Revenue Code (IRS) code, state of incorporation, business address, and mailing address. If a filing contains multiple filers then output will contain header information on all the filers in multiple rows.


## Not run: 

header.df <- getFilingHeader( = c('1000180', '38079'), 
                         form.type = '10-K', filing.year = 2006, useragent) 
header.df <- getFilingHeader( = '38079', c('10-K', '10-Q'), 
                         filing.year = c(2005, 2006), useragent)

## End(Not run)

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