getFilingsHTML {edgar}R Documentation

Get HTML view of EDGAR filings


getFilingsHTML retrieves complete EDGAR filings and store them in HTML format for view.


getFilingsHTML(, form.type, filing.year, quarter, useragent)


vector of CIK number of firms in integer format. Suppress leading zeroes from CIKs. Keep = 'ALL' if needs to download for all CIKs.


character vector containing form type to be downloaded. form.type = 'ALL' if need to download all forms.


vector of four digit numeric year


vector of one digit quarter integer number. By deault, it is kept as c(1 ,2, 3, 4).


Should be in the form of "Your Name"


getFilingsHTML function takes CIK(s), form type(s), filing year(s), and quarter of the filing as input. The function imports edgar filings downloaded via getFilings function; otherwise, it downloads the filings which are not already been downloaded. It then reads the downloaded filings, scraps filing text excluding exhibits, and saves the filing contents in 'Edgar filings_HTML view' directory in HTML format. The new directory 'Edgar filings_HTML view' will be automatically created by this function. According to SEC EDGAR's guidelines a user also needs to declare user agent.


Function saves EDGAR filings in HTML format and returns filing information in dataframe format.


## Not run: 

output <- getFilingsHTML( = c(1000180, 38079), c('10-K','10-Q'), 
                         2006, quarter = c(1, 2, 3), useragent)

## download '10-Q' and '10-K' filings filed by the firm with 
CIK = 1000180 in quarters 1,2, and 3 of the year 2006. These filings 
will be stored in the current working directory.

## End(Not run)

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