computeHV {ecr}R Documentation

Functions for the calculation of the dominated hypervolume (contribution).


The function computeHV computes the dominated hypervolume of a set of points given a reference set whereby computeHVContr computes the hypervolume contribution of each point.

If no reference point is given the nadir point of the set x is determined and a positive offset with default 1 is added. This is to ensure that the reference point dominates all of the points in the reference set.


computeHV(x, ref.point = NULL)

computeHVContr(x, ref.point = NULL, offset = 1)



Matrix of points (column-wise).


[numeric | NULL]
Reference point. Set to the maximum in each dimension by default if not provided.


Offset to be added to each component of the reference point only in the case where no reference is provided and one is calculated automatically.


[numeric(1)] Dominated hypervolume in the case of computeHV and the dominated hypervolume contributions for each point in the case of computeHVContr.


: Keep in mind that this function assumes all objectives to be minimized. In case at least one objective is to be maximized the matrix x needs to be transformed accordingly in advance.

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