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Update Pareto Archive.


This function updates a Pareto archive, i.e., an archive of non-dominated points. It expects the archive, a set of individuals, a matrix of fitness values (each column corresponds to the fitness vector of one individual) and updates the archive “in-place”. If the archive has unlimited capacity all non-dominated points of the union of archive and passed individuals are stored. Otherwise, i.e., in case the archive is limited in capacity (argument max.size of initParetoArchive was set to an integer value greater zero), the trunc.fun function passed to initParetoArchive is applied to all non-dominated points to determine which points should be dropped.


updateParetoArchive(archive, inds, fitness, ...)



The archive generated by initParetoArchive.


List of individuals.


Matrix of fitness values (each column contains the fitness value(s) for one individual) of inds.


Furhter arguments passed down to trunc.fun (set via initParetoArchive).

See Also

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