proc_hrv_matlab {card}R Documentation

Process Toolbox HRV


Takes the output from HRV Toolbox and converts it for analysis. Uses the package data.table::fread() for reading in data due to size/speed.


proc_hrv_matlab(loc, name, time = 3600)



Location of the folder that contains all of the patients that were analyzed by the Main_HRV_Analysis.m function from the Toolbox.


Name of the patient/ID. There should exist a folder with the name inside the loc folder. Inside this folder are all the Toolbox parameters and HRV results in CSV format.


Number of seconds to group the HRV data by. Defaults to 3600 seconds (which is 1 hour)


The data is taken sequentially (sliding windows), and summarized over the course of certain time lengths. The data comes in a standardized pattern from the toolbox. It requires processing due to its large file sizes (e.g. 24 hours of data for a single patient can be up to 2 MB in size).


Data frame of HRV summarized by the grouping variable (e.g. 3600 seconds = 1 hour). Also returns an additional column of percent missing (e.g. 20.0% missing data) by time group.

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