read_hrv_matlab {card}R Documentation

Read in Toolbox HRV


Takes the output from HRV Toolbox and reads it in for an individual patient. Unlike card::proc_hrv_matlab, this does not process or summarize the data, it just reads it the raw analysis. Uses the package data.table::fread() for reading in data due to size/speed.


read_hrv_matlab(loc, name)



Location of the folder that contains all of the patients that were analyzed by the Main_HRV_Analysis.m function from the Toolbox


Name of the patient/ID. There should exist a folder with the name inside the loc folder. Inside this folder are all the Toolbox parameters and HRV results in CSV format. 3600 seconds (which is 1 hour)


The data is taken sequentially (sliding windows), and is not processed. It is reported and is likely a large file.


Data frame of HRV summarized by the grouping variable (e.g. 3600 seconds = 1 hour). Also returns an additional column of percent missing (e.g. 20.0% missing data) by time group.

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