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With the function filterProtocolData the protocol data can be filtered by the operation mode (pulse-type and antenna rotation). The function returns the filtered subset of the protocol data which can later be used to filter the echoes based on the operation mode/protocol


  protocolData = NULL,
  pulseTypeSelection = NULL,
  rotationSelection = NULL



dataframe with the protocol data from the data list created by the function extractDBData


character vector with the pulse types which should be included in the subset. Options: “S”, “M”, “L” (short-, medium-, long-pulse). Default is NULL: no filtering applied based on pulseType.


numeric vector to select the operation modes with and/or without antenna rotation. Options: 0, 1. (0 = no rotation, 1 = rotation). Default is NULL: no filtering applied based on rotation mode.


returns the filtered protocol data in the same format as provided in the parameter protocolData.


Fabian Hertner,; Birgen Haest,


## Not run: 
# Set server, database, and other input settings for data extraction
# ===========================================================================
  dbServer       = "MACHINE\\SERVERNAME"     # Set the name of your SQL server
  dbName         = "db_Name"                   # Set the name of your database
  dbDriverChar   = "SQL Server"                # Set either "SQL Server" or "PostgreSQL"
  mainOutputDir  = file.path(".", "results")
  radarTimeZone  = "Etc/GMT0"
  targetTimeZone = "Etc/GMT0"
  listOfRfFeaturesToExtract = c(167, 168)
  siteLocation   = c(47.494427, 8.716432)
  sunOrCivil     = "civil"
# Get data
# ===========================================================================
  dbData = extractDbData(dbDriverChar                   = dbDriverChar,
                         dbServer                       = dbServer, 
                         dbName                         = dbName, 
                         saveDbToFile                   = TRUE,
                         dbDataDir                      = mainOutputDir,
                         radarTimeZone                  = radarTimeZone,
                         targetTimeZone                 = targetTimeZone,
                         listOfRfFeaturesToExtract      = listOfRfFeaturesToExtract,
                         siteLocation                   = siteLocation, 
                         sunOrCivil                     = sunOrCivil)
# Set input settings for filtering of the data
# ===========================================================================
  pulseLengthSelection = "S"
  rotationSelection    = 1

# Filter the echo data
# ===========================================================================
  filteredProtocolData = filterProtocolData(protocolData       = dbData$protocolData,
                                            pulseTypeSelection = pulseLengthSelection, 
                                            rotationSelection  = rotationSelection)   

## End(Not run)

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