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This function creates a time series plot showing all of the observed echoes at their respective altitudes. These plots are helpful to roughly visually explore your data (and for example spot oddities).


  echoData = NULL,
  timeRange = NULL,
  targetTimeZone = "Etc/GMT0",
  manualBlindTimes = NULL,
  visibilityData = NULL,
  protocolData = NULL,
  sunriseSunset = NULL,
  maxAltitude = NULL,
  filePath = NULL



dataframe with the echo data from the data list created by the function ‘extractDBData’ or a subset of it created by the function ‘filterEchoData’


optional list of string vectors length 2, start and end time of the time ranges that should be plotted. The date/time format is “yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm”. If not set, all echo data is plotted in one plot. Note: Too long time-ranges may produce an error if the created image is too large and the function can’t allocate the file.


"Etc/GMT0" String specifying the target time zone. Default is "Etc/GMT0".


optional dataframe with the manual blind times created by the function ‘loadManualBlindTimes’. If not set, manual blind times are not shown in the plot.


optional dataframe with the visibility data created by the function ‘extractDBData’. If not set, visibility data are not shown in the plot.


optional dataframe with the protocol data used to filter the echoes, created by the function ‘extractDBData’ or a subset of it created by the function ‘filterProtocolData’. If not set, periods without a protocol are not shown in the plot.


optional dataframe with sunrise/sunset, civil, and nautical twilight times created by the function ‘twilight’. If not set, day/night times are not shown in the plot.


optional numeric, fixes the maximum value of the y-Scale of the plot to the given value. If negative or not set, the y-Scale is auto-scaled.


character string, path of the directory where the plot should be saved. The function ‘savePlotToFile’ is used to save the plots as png files with an auto-generated filename.


png files stored in the directory specified in 'filePath'


Fabian Hertner,; Birgen Haest,


## Not run: 
#' # Set server, database, and other input settings
# ===========================================================================
  dbServer       = "MACHINE\\SERVERNAME"     # Set the name of your SQL server
  dbName         = "db_Name"                   # Set the name of your database
  dbDriverChar   = "SQL Server"                # Set either "SQL Server" or "PostgreSQL"
  mainOutputDir  = file.path(".", "results")
  radarTimeZone  = "Etc/GMT0"
  targetTimeZone = "Etc/GMT0"
  listOfRfFeaturesToExtract = c(167, 168)
  siteLocation   = c(47.494427, 8.716432)
  sunOrCivil     = "civil"
# Get data
# ===========================================================================
  dbData = extractDbData(dbDriverChar                   = dbDriverChar,
                         dbServer                       = dbServer, 
                         dbName                         = dbName, 
                         saveDbToFile                   = TRUE,
                         dbDataDir                      = mainOutputDir,
                         radarTimeZone                  = radarTimeZone,
                         targetTimeZone                 = targetTimeZone,
                         listOfRfFeaturesToExtract      = listOfRfFeaturesToExtract,
                         siteLocation                   = siteLocation, 
                         sunOrCivil                     = sunOrCivil)
# Get manual blindtimes
# ===========================================================================
  cManualBlindTimes = manualBlindTimes

# Make Plot 
# ===========================================================================
  timeRangePlot = list(c("2021-01-15 00:00", "2021-01-22 00:00"),
                       c("2021-01-23 00:00", "2021-01-31 00:00"))
  plotExploration(echoData         = dbData$echoData, 
                  timeRange        = timeRangePlot, 
                  targetTimeZone   = "Etc/GMT0",
                  manualBlindTimes = cManualBlindTimes, 
                  visibilityData   = dbData$visibilityData, 
                  protocolData     = dbData$protocolData, 
                  sunriseSunset    = dbData$sunriseSunset, 
                  maxAltitude      = -1, 
                  filePath         = "./") 

## End(Not run)

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