read_fcs {beadplexr}R Documentation

Read a fcs file.


Is deprecated. See the vignette "Preparing flow-data for use with with beadplexr" for an example of preparing flow-data to be used with beadplexr.


  .fsc_ssc = c("FSC-A", "SSC-A"),
  .bead_channels = c("FL6-H", "FL2-H"),
  .filter = list(`FSC-A` = c(200000L, 800000L), `SSC-A` = c(200000L, 1000000L), `FL6-H`
    = c(7.3, Inf)),
  .compensation = "guess",



The path and name of the file to be read.


The names of the forward and side scatter channels. A character vector of length of two.


The names of the channels with bead events. A character vector of length of at least two.


Optional list of upper and lower cutoff for individual channels. Use .filter = NULL for no filtering at all.


A character vector, a compensation matrix, or NULL. See 'Details' for extended information of the argument.


additional arguments passed to flowCore::read.FCS

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