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Protostellar disks


This data set gives rxc contingency table of the observed population of 5 evolutionary stages of pre-main sequence stars in four nearby star forming clouds. Clouds are listed in order of increasing age, and stellar evolutionary stages are based on the properties of their infrared-emitting circumstellar disks. Sample sizes in a cell range from 0 to 179 stars. This dataset is useful for analysis involving r x c contingency tables with small samples. Further description and references for the dataset are given in Appendix C.2 of Feigelson & Babu (2012).




A table containing 4 rows and 5 columns with header row and column.


Feigelson and Babu (2012)


Feigelson, E. D. and Babu, G. J. (2012) Modern Statistical Methods for Astronomy with R Applications, Cambridge UK:Cambridge University Press

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