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Elliptical galaxy radial profiles


This dataset gives the radial surface brightness profiles for three elliptical galaxies in the nearby Virgo galaxy cluster (Kormendy et al. 2009). They are useful for exercising nonlinear regression in 2-dimensions; the Sersic (1968) profile function is commonly used. The samples are described in Appendix C.11 of Feigelson & Babu (2012) with regression illustrated in Chapter 7.




A table containing 150 rows and 3 columns with header row. It includes 58 entries for NGC 4472, 52 rows for NGC 4406, and 40 rows for NGC 4551.


Feigelson and Babu (2012), Kormendy et al. (2009), Sersic (1968)


Feigelson, E. D. and Babu, G. J. (2012) Modern Statistical Methods for Astronomy with R Applications, Cambridge UK:Cambridge University Press

Kormendy, J., Fisher, D. B., Cornell, M. E. & Bender, R. (2009) Structure and formation of elliptical and spheroidal galaxies, Astrophysical Journal Supplements, 182, 216-309 http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2009ApJS..182..216K

Sersic, J. L. (1968) Atlas de Galaxias Australes, Obs. Astronomico de Cordoba http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/1968adga.book.....S

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