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Galaxy color-magnitude diagram


This data set gives two photometric quantities for 572 low redshift (z < 0.3) galaxies from the COMBO-17 survey (Classifying Objects by Medium-Band Observations in 17 Filters). The quantities are: absolute magnitude in the blue band, M(B); and ultraviolet-to-blue color index, M(280)-M(B). This dataset is useful for 2-dimensional density estimation, clustering, and mixture models. Further description is given in Appendix C.10 of Feigelson & Babu (2012). The full COMBO-17 dataset can be accessed at




A table containing 572 rows and 2 columns with header row.


Wolf et al. (2003), Feigelson and Babu (2012)


Feigelson, E. D. and Babu, G. J. (2012) Modern Statistical Methods for Astronomy with R Applications, Cambridge UK:Cambridge University Press

Wolf, C., Meisenheimer, K., Rix, H.-W., Borch, A., Dye, S. and Kleinheinrich, M. (2003) The COMBO-17 survey: Evolution of the galaxy luminosity function from 25 000 galaxies with 0.2 < z < 1.2, Astronomy and Astrophysics, 401, 73-98

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