isoStack {assignR}R Documentation

Stack isoscapes


Combine multiple isoscapes into a single data object, including optional reconciliation of raster properties.


isoStack(..., clean = TRUE)



Two or more SpatRaster isoscapes, each with two layers, or rescale objects as produced by calRaster. For objects other than rescale, the first layer in each should contain the tissue-specific isoscape and the second the isoscape prediction uncertainty (1 standard deviation).


logical. Reconcile differences in raster properties within ...?


If clean = TRUE all raster layers are projected to the projection of the first object in ... and then resampled to the highest spatial resolution and smallest common spatial extent within .... Finally, cells containing NA in any layer within ... are masked across all layers.

If clean = FALSE any differences in raster properties between isoscapes will produce an error.


Returns an object of class “isoStack”, a list containing the isoscapes objects in ... after any cleaning.


#stack H and Sr isoscapes
h_s = isoStack(d2h_lrNA, sr_MI)

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