apollo_validateControl {apollo}R Documentation

Validates apollo_control


Validates the options controlling the running of the code apollo_control and sets default values for the omitted ones.


apollo_validateControl(database, apollo_control, silent = FALSE)



data.frame. Data used by model.


List. Options controlling the running of the code. User input is required for all settings except those with a default or marked as optional.

  • calculateLLC: Boolean. TRUE if user wants to calculate LL at constants (if applicable). - TRUE by default.

  • HB: Boolean. TRUE if using RSGHB for Bayesian estimation of model.

  • indivID: Character. Name of column in the database with each decision maker's ID.

  • mixing: Boolean. TRUE for models that include random parameters.

  • modelDescr: Character. Description of the model. Used in output files.

  • modelName: Character. Name of the model. Used when saving the output to files.

  • nCores: Numeric>0. Number of cores to use in calculations of the model likelihood.

  • noDiagnostics: Boolean. TRUE if user does not wish model diagnostics to be printed - FALSE by default.

  • noValidation: Boolean. TRUE if user does not wish model input to be validated before estimation - FALSE by default.

  • outputDirectory: Character. Optional directory for outputs if different from working director - empty by default

  • panelData: Boolean. TRUE if there are multiple observations (i.e. rows) for each decision maker - Automatically set based on indivID by default.

  • seed: Numeric. Seed for random number generation.

  • weights: Character. Name of column in database containing weights for estimation.

  • workInLogs: Boolean. TRUE for increased numeric precision in models with panel data - FALSE by default.


Boolean. If TRUE, no messages are printed to screen.


This function should be run before running apollo_validateData.


Validated version of apollo_control, with additional element called panelData set to TRUE for repeated choice data.

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