apollo_modelOutput {apollo}R Documentation

Prints estimation results to console


Prints estimation results to console. Amount of information presented can be adjusted through arguments.


apollo_modelOutput(model, modelOutput_settings = NA)



Model object. Estimated model object as returned by function apollo_estimate.


List. Contains settings for this function. User input is required for all settings except those with a default or marked as optional.

  • printChange: Logical. TRUE for printing difference between starting values and estimates. FALSE by default.

  • printClassical: Logical. TRUE for printing classical standard errors. TRUE by default.

  • printCorr: Logical. TRUE for printing parameters correlation matrix. If printClassical=TRUE, both classical and robust matrices are printed. FALSE by default.

  • printCovar: Logical. TRUE for printing parameters covariance matrix. If printClassical=TRUE, both classical and robust matrices are printed. FALSE by default.

  • printDataReport: Logical. TRUE for printing summary of choices in database and other diagnostics. FALSE by default.

  • printFixed: Logical. TRUE for printing fixed parameters among estimated parameter. TRUE by default.

  • printFunctions: Logical. TRUE for printing apollo_control, apollo_randCoeff (when available), apollo_lcPars (when available) and apollo_probabilities. FALSE by default.

  • printModelStructure: Logical. TRUE for printing model structure. TRUE by default.

  • printOutliers: Logical or Scalar. TRUE for printing 20 individuals with worst average fit across observations. FALSE by default. If Scalar is given, this replaces the default of 20.

  • printPVal: Logical or Scalar. TRUE or 1 for printing p-values for one-sided test, 2 for printing p-values for two-sided test, FALSE for not printing p-values. FALSE by default.

  • printT1: Logical. If TRUE, t-test for H0: apollo_beta=1 are printed. FALSE by default.


Prints to screen the output of a model previously estimated by apollo_estimate()


A matrix of coefficients, s.d. and t-tests (invisible)

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