recur_on_day_of_month {almanac}R Documentation

Recur on a day of the month


recur_on_day_of_month() recurs on a specific day of the month.


recur_on_day_of_month(x, day)




A recurrence rule.



The days of the month on which to recur. Negative values are allowed, which specify n days from the end of the month.


If the day of the month doesn't exist for that particular month, then it is ignored. For example, if recur_on_day_of_month(30) is set, then it will never generate an event in February.


An updated rrule.


# When used with a yearly or monthly frequency, `recur_on_day_of_month()`
# expands the number of days in the event set.
on_yearly <- yearly()
on_yearly_day_of_month_1_to_2 <- on_yearly %>% recur_on_day_of_month(1:2)

start <- "1999-01-01"
end <- "2000-06-30"

alma_search(start, end, on_yearly)
alma_search(start, end, on_yearly_day_of_month_1_to_2)

# When used with a daily frequency, `recur_on_day_of_month()` limits the
# number of days in the event set.
on_daily <- daily()
on_daily_day_of_month_1_to_2 <- on_daily %>% recur_on_day_of_month(1:2)

length(alma_search(start, end, on_daily))
length(alma_search(start, end, on_daily_day_of_month_1_to_2))

# Using a negative value is a powerful way to look back from the end of the
# month. This is particularly useful because months don't have the same
# number of days.
on_last_of_month <- monthly() %>% recur_on_day_of_month(-1)

alma_search(start, end, on_last_of_month)

# If you want particular days of the week at the end of the month, you
# could use something like this, which checks if the end of the month
# is also a Friday.
on_last_of_month_that_is_also_friday <- on_last_of_month %>% recur_on_day_of_week("Friday")
alma_search(start, end, on_last_of_month_that_is_also_friday)

# But you probably wanted this, which takes the last friday of the month,
# on whatever day that lands on
on_last_friday_of_month <- monthly() %>% recur_on_day_of_week("Friday", nth = -1)
alma_search(start, end, on_last_friday_of_month)

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