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This page lists a number of pre-created holidays that can be added to a calendar created with rcalendar(). This list makes no attempt to be comprehensive. If you need to create your own holiday, you can do so with rholiday().

It also makes no attempt to be historically accurate, i.e. Juneteenth was created in 2021, but hol_us_juneteenth() will generate event dates before that. Because rholiday() takes an arbitrary rschedule object, you can always create an rschedule that is historically accurate and use that instead.


hol_christmas(since = NULL, until = NULL)

hol_christmas_eve(since = NULL, until = NULL)

hol_easter(since = NULL, until = NULL)

hol_good_friday(since = NULL, until = NULL)

hol_halloween(since = NULL, until = NULL)

hol_new_years_day(since = NULL, until = NULL)

hol_new_years_eve(since = NULL, until = NULL)

hol_st_patricks_day(since = NULL, until = NULL)

hol_valentines_day(since = NULL, until = NULL)

hol_us_election_day(since = NULL, until = NULL)

hol_us_fathers_day(since = NULL, until = NULL)

hol_us_independence_day(since = NULL, until = NULL)

hol_us_indigenous_peoples_day(since = NULL, until = NULL)

hol_us_juneteenth(since = NULL, until = NULL)

hol_us_labor_day(since = NULL, until = NULL)

hol_us_martin_luther_king_junior_day(since = NULL, until = NULL)

hol_us_memorial_day(since = NULL, until = NULL)

hol_us_mothers_day(since = NULL, until = NULL)

hol_us_presidents_day(since = NULL, until = NULL)

hol_us_thanksgiving(since = NULL, until = NULL)

hol_us_veterans_day(since = NULL, until = NULL)




A lower bound on the event set to generate.

Defaults to almanac_since() if not set.



An upper bound on the event set to generate.

Defaults to almanac_until() if not set.


Note that relative holidays, such as New Year's Eve, which is 1 day before New Year's Day, aren't pre-created in a way that allows you to define observance rules for them that depend on the observance rules of the holiday they are relative to. If you need to do this, you should start with the base holiday, here hol_new_years_day(), and use hol_observe() and hol_offset() on that to generate a New Year's Eve holiday that matches your required observance rules. See the examples of hol_offset() for more information.


on_christmas <- hol_christmas()

# These are like any other rschedule object
alma_events(on_christmas, year = 2020:2025)

# But they can also be added into an rcalendar
cal <- rcalendar(

# Which gives you access to a number of `cal_*()` functions
cal_events(cal, year = 2020:2022)

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