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Alice's gene data


A dataset relating to the following fictitious experiment: Participants who had facial burns were recruited. One-week pre-test, a gene C-10XFMG (the so-called chameleon gene) was introduced into all participants.Two days prior to test, a genetic toggle switch was introduced into half of the participants. Half of the participants were asked to look at a photograph of themselves from before their injury and to imagine the cells in their faces changing to become like the photo. The remainder acted as a control and were asked to look at a picture of a same-sex stranger and to try to change their face to become the person in the picture. All participants looked at the picture for 6 sessions of 20 minutes each. At the end of the sessions their faces were scanned into a computer and compared to the face in the photograph. Facial recognition software produced a precise resemblance measure as a percentage (100 in the photograph, 0 The data are taken from Chapter 17 of Field, A. P. (2016). An adventure in statistics: the reality enigma. London: Sage.




A tibble with 32 rows and 4 variables:


Participant ID


A factor describing whether a participant tried to resemble a picture of themselves (Self), or a matched stranger (Other)


A factor describing whether a participant received the toggle switch (C-gene + Toggle) or not (C-gene)


How closely their face resembled the picture (100% = the participants face is exactly like the face in the photograph, 0% the person in the photo bears no resemblance at all to the participant)


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