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adventr: tutorials in R for An Adventure in Statistics (Field, 2016).


The adventr package contains a series of tutorials that accompany my books An Adventure in Statistics and Discovering statistics using R. These tutorials contain abridged sections from my books so there are some copyright considerations but I offer them under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. (Basically you can use them for teaching and non-profit activities but not meddle with them or claim them as your own work.)

Who is the package aimed at?

Anyone teaching from or reading An Adventure in Statistics or Discovering statistics using R might find them useful.

What is covered?

The tutorials do not teach the background theory (the books do): it is assumed you have either attended my lecture or read the relevant chapter in the aforementioned books (or someone else's) The aim of this tutorial is to augment the theory that you already know by guiding you through fitting linear models using R and RStudio and asking you questions to test your knowledge along the way.

Running a tutorial

To run a tutorial execute:

learnr::run_tutorial("name_of_tutorial", package = "adventr")

replacing name_of_tutorial with the name of the tutorial (see below). For example, to run the tutorial on data basics execute:

learnr::run_tutorial("adventr_02", package = "adventr")

A list of tutorials


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