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Memory erasing data with covariate


A dataset relating to the following fictitious experiment from Chapter 16 of Field, A. P. (2016). An adventure in statistics: the reality enigma. London: Sage: "Thirty-six participants with ID chips were tested individually. All participants met a stranger who had a 5-minute scripted conversation with them containing 10 critical pieces of information. A week later, the participants were asked to recall the encounter for 5 minutes, and then after a 10-minute break wrote everything that they could remember about the original encounter. During the 5-minute initial recall, one of three things happened: the control group (N = 12) received no intervention; the erase group (N = 12) had a pulse of electricity sent to their brain via their ID chip; and the replace group (N = 12) had conflicting verbal descriptions sent to their ID chip. The outcome was how many of the 10 critical pieces of information the participants wrote down after the recall phase."




A tibble with 36 rows and 7 variables:


Participant ID


How many of the 10 critical pieces of information the participant identified


To which of the no intervention, memory erase or memory replace conditions the participant was assigned


Variable that measures working memory capacity as the individual's digit span


This version of the data includes an additional variable that measured working memory in each participant (as their digit span).


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