datashield.connections_find {DSI}R Documentation

Search for DSConnection objects in the analytic environment


If the user does not set the argument 'datasources' in the client side analysis functions, this function is called to search for DSConnection-class objects in the environment (default environment is the Global one). If one set of DSConnection objects is found, it is assigned to 'default.connections' symbol in the analytic environment. If more than one set of DSConnection objects is found and none of them is called 'default.connections', the function stops and suggests user to use the datashield.connections_default function.


datashield.connections_find(env = getOption("datashield.env", globalenv()))



The environment where to search for the connection symbols. Try to get it from the 'datashield.env' option, with default to the Global Environment.


Returns a list of DSConnection-class objects or stops the process

See Also

Other Connections management: datashield.connections_default(), datashield.connections()

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