datashield.connections {DSI}R Documentation

List the DSConnection objects in the analytic environment


This function identifies and prints all DSConnection-class objects in the analytic environment. If there are no DSConnection servers in the analytic environment datashield.connections reminds the user that they have to login to a valid set of DataSHIELD aware servers. If there is only one set of DSConnections, it copies that one set and names the copy 'default.connections'. This default set will then be used by default by all subsequent calls to client-side functions. If there is more than one set of DSConnections in the analytic environment, datashield.connections tells the user that they can either explicitly specify the DSConnections to be used by each client-side function by providing an explicit "datasources=" argument for each call, or can alternatively use the datashield.connections_default function to specify a default set of DSConnections to be used by all client-side calls unless over-ruled by the 'datasources=' argument.


datashield.connections(env = getOption("datashield.env", globalenv()))



The environment where to search for the connection symbols. Try to get it from the 'datashield.env' option, with default to the Global Environment.


Returns a list of DSConnection-class objects and advises the user how best to respond depending whether there are zero, one or multiple connections detected.

See Also

Other Connections management: datashield.connections_default(), datashield.connections_find()

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