dsGetInfo {DSI}R Documentation

Get DataSHIELD-aware data repository metadata


Get DataSHIELD-aware data repository metadata


dsGetInfo(dsObj, ...)



An object inheriting from DSObject-class, i.e. DSDriver-class, DSConnection-class, or a DSResult-class.


Other arguments to methods.


a named list

Implementation notes

For 'DSDriver' subclasses, this should include the version of the package ('driver.version') and the version of the underlying client library ('client.version').

For 'DSConnection' objects this should report the version of the data repository application ('repo.version') and its name ('repo.name'), the database name ('dbname'), username, ('username'), host ('host'), port ('port'), etc. It MAY also include any other arguments related to the connection (e.g., thread id, socket or TCP connection type). It MUST NOT include the password.

For 'DSResult' objects, this should include the R expression being executed (an expression object tailored by the implementation of DSI) and if the query is complete (a result object tailored by the implementation of DSI).

See Also

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