dfTrials2Long {ctrdata}R Documentation

Convert data frame with trial records into long format


The function works with procotol- and results- related information. It converts lists and other values that are in a data frame returned by dbGetFieldsIntoDf into individual rows of a long data frame. From the resulting data frame, values of interest can be selected using dfName2Value. The function is intended for fields with complex content, such as node field "clinical_results" from EUCTR, which dbGetFieldsIntoDf returns as a multiply nested list and for which this function then converts every observation of every (leaf) field into a row of its own.





Data frame (or tibble) with columns including the trial identifier (_id) and one or more variables as obtained from dbGetFieldsIntoDf


A data frame (or tibble, if dplyr is loaded) with the four columns: '_id', 'identifier', 'name', 'value'


dbc <- nodbi::src_sqlite(
   dbname = system.file("extdata", "demo.sqlite", package = "ctrdata"),
   collection = "my_trials")

dfwide <- dbGetFieldsIntoDf(
  fields = "clinical_results.participant_flow",
  con = dbc)

dfTrials2Long(df = dfwide)

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