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ctrdata: information on clinical trial registers


Registers of clinical trials that can be accessed with package ctrdata-package as of November 2022. The EU CTIS will be mandatory for sponsors from January 2023 and cannot yet supported by ctrdata.


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*The example is an expert search that retrieves interventional trials with neonates, investigating infectious conditions: EUCTR retrieves trials with neonates, but not exclusively. The CTGOV expert search retrieves trials exclusively in neonates. ISRCTN retrieves a small number of studies. Thus, after loading trials with ctrLoadQueryIntoDb into a database collection, corresponding sets of trials need to be defined, based on values of fields of interest (e.g., eligibility.maximum_age from CTGOV and f115_children_211years from EUCTR), which can be obtained from the collection using dbGetFieldsIntoDf.


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