SetRanges {capm}R Documentation

Parameter ranges for global sensitivity analysis


Define the minimum and maximum values for parameters whose global sensitivities are to be assessed with CalculateGlobalSens or sensRange functions.


SetRanges(pars = NULL, range = 0.1)



the same pars vector used in one of the following functions: SolveSI or SolveIASA.


scale factor to define the minimum and maximum for each parameter. The default is 0.1, which set the minimum and maximum as 10 percent lesser and greater than the pars values.


data.frame with the complete set of parameter ranges.


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See Also

sensRange and SolveSI.


## IASA model

## Parameters and intial conditions.
dogs_iasa <- GetDataIASA(dogs,
                         destination.label = "Pinhais",
                         total.estimate = 50444)

## Set ranges 10 % greater and lesser than the
## point estimates.
rg_solve_iasa <- SetRanges(pars = dogs_iasa$pars)

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