ebma_folding {autoMrP}R Documentation

Generates data fold to be used for EBMA tuning


#' ebma_folding() generates a data fold that will not be used in classifier tuning. It is data that is needed to determine the optimal tolerance for EBMA.


ebma_folding(data, L2.unit, ebma.size)



The full survey data. A tibble.


Geographic unit. A character scalar containing the column name of the geographic unit in survey and census at which outcomes should be aggregated.


EBMA fold size. A number in the open unit interval indicating the proportion of respondents to be allocated to the EBMA fold. Default is 1/3.


Returns a list with two elements which are both tibble. List element one is named ebma_fold and contains the tibble used in Ensemble Bayesian Model Averaging Tuning. List element two is named cv_data and contains the tibble used for classifier tuning.

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