wce {anticlust}R Documentation

Exact weighted cluster editing


Optimally solves weighted cluster editing (also known as »correlation clustering« or »clique partitioning problem«).


wce(x, solver = NULL)



A N x N similarity matrix. Larger values indicate stronger agreement / similarity between a pair of data points


Optional argument; if passed, has to be either "glpk" or "symphony". See details.


Finds the clustering that maximizes the sum of pairwise similarities within clusters. In the input some similarities should be negative (indicating dissimilarity) because otherwise the maximum sum of similarities is obtained by simply joining all elements within a single big cluster. If the argument solver is not specified, the function will try to find the GLPK or SYMPHONY solver by itself (it prioritizes using SYMPHONY if both are available).


An integer vector representing the cluster affiliation of each data point


This function either requires the R package Rglpk and the GNU linear programming kit (<http://www.gnu.org/software/glpk/>) or the R package Rsymphony and the COIN-OR SYMPHONY solver libraries (<https://github.com/coin-or/SYMPHONY>).


Martin Papenberg martin.papenberg@hhu.de


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features <- swiss
distances <- dist(scale(swiss))
# Define agreement as being close enough to each other.
# By defining low agreement as -1 and high agreement as +1, we
# solve *unweighted* cluster editing
agreements <- ifelse(as.matrix(distances) < 3, 1, -1)
clusters <- wce(agreements)
plot(swiss, col = clusters, pch = 19)

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