LazyLinkedTables {GaussSuppression}R Documentation

Linked tables by full GaussSuppressionFromData iterations


AdditionalSuppression is called several times as in ChainedSuppression


LazyLinkedTables(..., withinArg = NULL, maxIterLinked = 1000)



Arguments to GaussSuppressionFromData that are kept constant.


A list of named lists. Arguments to GaussSuppressionFromData that are not kept constant.


Maximum number of GaussSuppressionFromData calls for each table.


This function is created as a spin-off from AdditionalSuppression and ChainedSuppression. The calculations run GaussSuppressionFromData from the input each time. There is no doubt that this can be done more efficiently.

A consequence of this lazy implementation is that, in output, primary and suppressed are identical.

Note that there is a residual risk when suppression linked tables by iterations.


List of data frames


In this function, the parameters makeForced and forceNotPrimary to AdditionalSuppression are forced to be FALSE.


z1 <- SSBtoolsData("z1")
z2 <- SSBtoolsData("z2")
z2b <- z2[3:5]  # As in ChainedSuppression example 
names(z2b)[1] <- "region"

# The two region hierarchies as two linked tables
a <- LazyLinkedTables(z2, freqVar = 5, withinArg = list(
       list(dimVar = c(1, 2, 4)), 
       list(dimVar = c(1, 3, 4))))

# As 'f' and 'e' in ChainedSuppression example. 
# 'A' 'annet'/'arbeid' suppressed in b[[1]], since suppressed in b[[3]].
b <- LazyLinkedTables(withinArg = list(
       list(data = z1, dimVar = 1:2, freqVar = 3, maxN = 5), 
       list(data = z2b, dimVar = 1:2, freqVar = 3, maxN = 5), 
       list(data = z2, dimVar = 1:4, freqVar = 5, maxN = 1)))

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