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Analysis of Basketball Data


Collection of tools to work with basketball data. Functions available are related to friendly web scraping and visualization. Data were obtained from <>, <> and <>, following the instructions of their respectives robots.txt files, when available. Tools for visualization include a population pyramid, 2D plots, circular plots of players' percentiles, plots of players' monthly/yearly stats, team heatmaps, team shooting plots, team four factors plots, cross-tables with the results of regular season games and maps of nationalities. Please see Vinue (2020) <doi:10.1089/big.2018.0124>.


Package: BAwiR
Type: Package
Version: 1.2.7
Date: 2021-07-19
License: GPL-2
LazyLoad: yes
LazyData: yes

acb_games_1718: ACB games 2017-2018.
acb_players_1718: ACB players 2017-2018.
capit_two_words: Capitalize two-word strings.
do_add_adv_stats: Advanced statistics.
do_EPS: Efficient Points Scored (EPS).
do_four_factors_df: Four factors data frame.
do_join_games_bio: Join games and players' info.
do_map_nats: Data frame for the nationalities map.
do_OE: Offensive Efficiency (OE).
do_scraping_games: Player game finder data.
do_scraping_rosters: Players profile data.
do_stats: Accumulated or average statistics.
do_stats_teams: Accumulated and average statistics for teams.
eurocup_games_1718: Eurocup games 2017-2018.
eurocup_players_1718: Eurocup players 2017-2018.
euroleague_games_1718: Euroleague games 2017-2018.
euroleague_players_1718: Euroleague players 2017-2018.
get_barplot_monthly_stats: Barplots with monthly stats.
get_bubble_plot: Basketball bubble plot.
get_four_factors_plot: Four factors plot.
get_games_rosters: Get all games and rosters.
get_heatmap_bb: Basketball heatmap.
get_map_nats: Nationalities map.
get_pop_pyramid: ACB population pyramid.
get_shooting_plot: Shooting plot.
get_similar_players: Similar players to archetypoids.
get_similar_teams: Similar teams to archetypoids.
get_stats_seasons: Season-by-season stats.
get_table_results: League cross table.
join_players_bio_age_acb: Join ACB games and players' info.
join_players_bio_age_euro: Join Euroleague and Eurocup games and players' info.
scraping_games_acb: ACB player game finder data.
scraping_games_euro: Euroleague and Eurocup player game finder data.
scraping_rosters_acb: ACB players' profile.
scraping_rosters_euro: Euroleague and Eurocup players' profile.


Guillermo Vinue <>


Vinue, G., (2020). A Web Application for Interactive Visualization of European Basketball Data, Big Data 8(1), 70-86.,

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