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ACB players' profile


This function allows us to obtain the basic information of each player, including his birth date. Then, we will be able to compute the age that each player had in the date that he played each game. The website used to collect information is


scraping_rosters_acb(pcode, verbose = TRUE, accents = FALSE, 
                     r_user = "")



Code corresponding to the player's website to scrape.


Should R report information on progress? Default TRUE.


Should we keep the Spanish accents? The recommended option is to remove them, so default FALSE.


Email user to identify the user when doing web scraping. This is a polite way to do web scraping and to certify that the user is working as transparently as possible with a research purpose.


Some players have a particular licence, which does not necessarily match with their nationality, in order not to be considered as a foreign player, according to the current ACB rules.


Data frame with eight columns:


In addition to use the email address to stay identifiable, the function also contains two headers regarding the R platform and version used.

Furthermore, even though in the robots.txt file at, there is no information about scraping limitations and all robots are allowed to have complete access, the function also includes the command Sys.sleep(2) to pause between requests for 2 seconds. In this way, we don't bother the server with multiple requests and we do carry out a friendly scraping.


Guillermo Vinue

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## Not run: 
# Not needed to scrape every time the package is checked, built and installed.
df_bio <- scraping_rosters_acb("56C", verbose = TRUE, accents = FALSE, 
                               r_user = "")

## End(Not run)

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