apci.plot.raw {APCI}R Documentation

plot the raw scores


plot the raw scores in each age and period square


apci.plot.raw(data, outcome_var, age, period, ...)



A data frame containing the outcome variable, age group indicator, period group indicator, and covariates to be used in the model. If the variable(s) are not found in data, there will be an error message reminding the users to check the input data again.


An object of class character containing the name of the outcome variable. The outcome variable can be continuous, categorical, or count.


An object of class character representing the age group index taking on a small number of distinct values in the data. Usually, the vector should be converted to a factor (or the terms of "category" and "enumerated type").


An object of class character, similar to the argument of age, representing the time period index in the data.



# plot the raw scores
apci.plot.raw(data = simulation, outcome_var = "y",
              age = "age", period = "period")

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