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Updating of MLE fits by profiling


These functions update a fitsad/fitrad object by running the optimizer again starting on better fit returned by profile.

These functions were not extensively tested, and should be considered in beta testing phase.


updatesad(object, ...) 
updaterad(object, ...) 



object of the class fitsad-class or fitrad-class for which the optimization did not converge, or converged to a local minimum.


list of additional parameters to be passed to the fitsad or fitrad fitting procedure. May include a different optimizer, method, or upper/lower bounds for the parameters. Refer to the fitsad and fitrad man pages for details of which parameters may be specified.


The updatesad function runs a new profile of the fitted object, and if the profile is able to find a better fit, it runs a new optimization starting on this better fit. If the profiling does not find a new fit, the function exits with error. The actual processing is done by updatesad. updaterad is simply a convenience alias.


An object of fitsad-class or fitrad-class.


Paulo I Prado prado@ib.usp.br and Andre Chalom

See Also

fitsad-class, fitrad-class



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