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Tree species abundance in Barro Colorado Island Plot


Number of species of trees with diameter at breast height >= 10 mm in a 50 ha plot of tropical forest in the Barro Colorado Island, Panama.




A named vector of 225 integers.


The BCI forest dynamics research project was made possible by National Science Foundation grants to Stephen P. Hubbell: DEB-0640386, DEB-0425651, DEB-0346488, DEB-0129874, DEB-00753102, DEB-9909347, DEB-9615226, DEB-9615226, DEB-9405933, DEB-9221033, DEB-9100058, DEB-8906869, DEB-8605042, DEB-8206992, DEB-7922197, support from the Center for Tropical Forest Science, the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Mellon Foundation, the Small World Institute Fund, and numerous private individuals, and through the hard work of over 100 people from 10 countries over the past two decades. The plot project is part the Center for Tropical Forest Science, a global network of large-scale demographic tree plots.


Datasheet 'full matrix' of supplemental table 1 in Condit et al. (2002).


Condit et. al 2002. Beta-diversity in tropical forest trees. Science 295:666-669

Hubbell, S.P., Condit, R., and Foster, R.B. 2005. Barro Colorado Forest Census Plot Data. URL https://ctfs.arnarb.harvard.edu/webatlas/datasets/bci.

Condit, R. 1998. Tropical Forest Census Plots. Springer-Verlag and R. G. Landes Company, Berlin, Germany, and Georgetown, Texas.

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